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  • ($83.33/yr — $20.83/qtr — $6.94/month)

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  • * All gifts of $500 or more are eligible for naming opportunites on the donor wall.

Donor Wall

  • $10,000 pledge - LP

    ($3,333.33/yr — $833.33/qtr — $277.78/month)

  • $5,000 pledge - 10-inch LP

    ($1,666.67/yr — $416.67/qtr — $138.89/month)

  • $2,500 pledge - 7-inch single

    ($833.33/yr — $208.33/qtr — $69.44/month)

  • $1000 pledge - Cassette

    ($333.33/yr — $83.33/qtr — $27.78/month)

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